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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  976.4 Mass P2m List of Persons Whose Names Have been Changed in this Commonwealth, 1780-1892 Massachusetts, Secretary of the Commonwealth
View Record  942 P2c Lord Mayor's Court of London Depositions Relating to American 1641-1736 Coldham, Peter Wilson, Compiler
View Record  976.2 Sar P2s Maine Wills, 1640-1760 Sargent, William M., Compiler
View Record  974.4 V2m Marriages and Divorces of Arkansas, Volume I, 1808-1830 Morgan, James Logan
View Record  976.3 Car P2c Maryland Account Book 1766-1768 Carothers, Bettie
View Record  976.3 Bur P2b Maryland Account Book, Number 33, 1752 Burns, Annie Walker, Compiler
View Record  976.3 P2m Maryland Calendar of Wills 1744-1749, Volume 9
View Record  976.3 V2c. Maryland Source Records, Volume 2 Carothers, Bettie
View Record  976.3 Garre P2h Maryland, Index to the Wills of Garrett County, 1872-1960, Harford County, 1774-1960
View Record  929.2 Spilm Vert file Memorial Proceedings on the Death of Honorable Robert B. Spilman
View Record  975.9 Merce S2f Mercer County, Kentucky, Wills and Estates, Volume I-1786-1808; Volume 2 1808-1821 Franklin, Charles M.
View Record  975.8 Miami R2m Miami County, Kansas Deed Records - Film
View Record  976.6 A4p Minnesota Genealogical Index Pope, Wiley R. compiled
View Record  977.6 Alban P2v Minutes of the Court of Albany, Rensselaerswyck & Schenectady 1680 - 1685 Volume III Van Laer, A.J.F., Translator and Editor
View Record  977.6 Alban P2v Minutes of the Court of Fort Orange and Beverwyck, 1652-1656 Van Laer, A.J.F., Translator and Editor
View Record  976.7 Kin P2k Mississippi Court Records, 1799-1835 King, J. Estelle Stewart
View Record  976.7 P2w Mississippi Index of Wills, 1800-1900 Wiltshire, Betty Couch, Compiler
View Record  975.8 Mitch P2n Mitchell County, Kansas, Probate Case Index, Vol. I, 1870s to 1930; Volume II, 1930-1980 Nichols, F. Lee
View Record  979.2 Monon P2z Monongalia County (West) Virginia) Records of the District, Superior, and County Courts Volume 8: 1811-1812 and 1814-1820 Zinn, Melba Pender
View Record  978.7 Monro *P2c Monroe County Tennessee Court Records
View Record  977.9 Muski P2m Muskingum County Ohio Will Book Index Book A: 1804-1814; Book B 1814-1831; Book C 1832-1843; Book D 1843-1854
View Record  975.8 Nemah V24n Nemaha County Kansas Index to Divorces-Film
View Record  975.8 Nemah P2n Nemaha County, Kansas Will Records - Film
View Record  974.8 NewCa P2v New Castle County, Delaware, Wills and Estates, 1682-1800: an Index Virdin, Donald Odell
View Record  977.4 P2n New Jersey Index of Wills, Volumes 1 - 3
View Record  977.6 P2r New York State Probate Records: A Genealogist's Guide to Testate and Intestate Records Remington, Gordon L.
View Record  977.7 P2g North Carolina Wills and Inventories Grimes, J. Bryan
View Record  978.3 York P2n Notary Docket of John Morris, Esquire of Borough of York, York County, Pennsylvania 1792-1809, with Surname Index
View Record  979.2 H2w Notes on Southside Virginia Watson, Walter A.
View Record  977.9 B2or Ohio Records and Pioneer Families, Volume 1-53
View Record  977.9 P2b Ohio Wills and Estates to 1850, An Index Bell, Carol Wilsey
View Record  977.9 P2b Ohio Wills and Estates to 1850: An Index Bell, Carol Willsey
View Record  977.7 Orang P2 Orange County, North Carolina Abstracts of the Minutes of Inferior Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 2 Volumes, 1752 - 1766 and 1777-1788. Redden, Alma Cheek
View Record  942 A3g Pre-1858 Population Movements in England & Wales by Canal and Navigable River and Genealogical Research Guides to Probate Courts in England and Probate Jurisdictions
View Record  975.8 Ottaw P2p Probate Court Index 1866-1939 of Ottawa County, Kansas Price, Carole copier
View Record  975.6 Scott P2g Probate Court Records Scott County, Indiana 1820-1847 Greear, William R., Bogasrdua, Carol R., Sr. Abstracters and Compilers
View Record  973.2 H2g Proceedings and Debates of the British Parliaments respecting North America: Volume I 1542-1688; Volume II 1689-1702; Volume III 1702-1727; Volume IV 1728-1739 Great Britain, Parliament
View Record  975.5 Rando H2r Randolph County, Illinois Information 1800 - 1850 Randolph County Genealogical Society
View Record  978.3 York P2s Record Book of Overseers of the Poor, Borough of York, Pennsylvania, 1799-1804. More Precisely Being A Record of Income and Expenditures of the Overseers, 1799-1804, With Surname Index & An Alphabetical Listing of the Assessed Inhabitants of the Borough of York, 1799-1804, with Surname Index and An Alphabetical Listing of the Assessed Inhabitants of the Borough of York, 1799-1804 and Abstracts of Relevant laws of Pennsylvania, Pertaining to the "Relief of the Poor".
View Record  978.7 Willi P2l Record Book, Letters of Administration Number 1, 1838 - 1855 Lynch, Louise Gillespie, Compiler
View Record  976.8 Chris V2w Records of Christian County, Missouri, 1863- Williams, Jacqueline Hogan, and Williams, Betty Harvey
View Record  975.5 Lee A6t Records of Lee County, Illinois Taylor, Mrs. Harlin B.
View Record  977.6 P2s Records of the Chancery Court Province and State of New York Guardianships 1691-1815 Scott, Dr. Kenneth, Abstractor
View Record  976.4 Berks V2r Records of the Town of Lee, Massachusetts…to 1801
View Record  979.3 Yakim V2r Records of Yakima County, Washington, 1869-1907 and, Benton County, Washington 1905-1907., Volumes I-IV
View Record  941.5 R2r Richard Griffith and His Valuation of Ireland with An Inventory of the Books of the General Valuation of Rateable Property in Ireland-1846 & 1852 Reilly, James R
View Record  975.8 Riley V24r Riley County Kansas Civil Case Files (Divorces only)-Film
View Record  975.8 Riley P2r Riley County, Kansas Civil Court Records - Film
View Record  975.8 Riley P2r Riley County, Kansas Probate Court Case Files 1856-1939 - Film
View Record  975.8 Riley P2r Riley County, Kansas Record of Guardians and Administrators or Executors Accounts - Film
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Records: 151 to 200 of 266