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Records: 151 to 200 of 1540
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  929.051 Ameri American Ancestors, Vol 11-
View Record  929.1 Ameri American Ancestry: Name and Descent, in the Male Line, Americans Whose Ancestors Settled in the United States previous to the Declaration of Independence, A.D. 1776, Volume 1 to Volume 12 Hughes, Thomas P.
View Record  16.9 Filby American and British Genealogy and Heraldry Filby, P.William, Compiler
View Record  929.051 Ameri American Genealogist Volumes 53-77 McCracken, George E., Editor
View Record  929.051 Ameri V. 2-3 American Heritage Service Volumes II & III
View Record  973.3 Coldh American Loyalist Claims, Volume I Coldham, Peter Wilson
View Record  929.051 DAR American Spirit, Magazine of the Daughters of the American Revolution
View Record  929.1 Amish Amish and Amish Mennonite Genealogies Gingerich, Hugh F., and Kreider, Rachel W.
View Record  975.8 Potta B3a An Account of the Pottawatomie County Kansas Old Settlers Meeting, June 4, 1879, at Taylor's Grove, Near Louisville, Kansas Ekart, Sylvester, Compiler
View Record  976.2 Fla M2f An Alphabetical Index of Revolutionary Pensioners Living in Maine Flagg, Charles Alcott
View Record  975.8 Lane H2l An Historical Record of Lane County 1886-1961
View Record  979.3 Spoka H2e An Illustrated History of Spokane County State of Washington Edwards, Jonathan
View Record  976.5 Fla D3f An Index of Pioneers from Massachusetts to the West, Especially the State of Michigan Flagg, Charles A., Compiler
View Record  976.3 Pas D2p An Index of the Source Records of Maryland Genealogical, Biographical, Historical Passano, Eleanor Phillips
View Record  974.4 X2 1840 An Index to 1840 United States Census of Arkansas McLane, Bobbie Jones and Cline, Inez Halsell
View Record  978.4 X2 1800 An Index to the 1800 Fed Census of Rhode Island Volkel, Lowell M.
View Record  976.3 X2 1800 An Index to the 1800 Federal Census of Maryland Volkel, Lowell M.
View Record  974.5 D2p An Index to the Biographies in 19th Century California County Histories Parker, J. Carlyle
View Record  942 D2h An Introduction to Medieval Genealogy, Part II-Bibliography and Glossary Humphery-Smith, Cecil R.
View Record  975.2 Henry B2a Ancestor Update, Genealogical Society of Henry and Clayton County/Ancestors Unlimited Edition
View Record  929.1 Rober Ancestors of American Presidents Roberts, Gary Boyd, Compiler
View Record  977.1 B2a Ancestors Unlimited
View Record  974.5 Santa B2a Ancestors West, Volumes 3 -41
View Record  975.5 McLea B2a Ancestors, Yours and Mine, Volumes 1 - 8, 1975 - 1982
View Record  929.1 Boyer Ancestral Lines, Revised-190 Famlies in England, Wales, Germany, New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Boyer, Carl, Compiler
View Record  929.1 Weis Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists Who Came to New England Between 1623 and 1650 Weis, Frederick Lewis
View Record  929.051 Ances Bk 1-4 Ancestry Magazine, Volume 12 -21
View Record  975.1 PalmB B2a Ancestry Quarterly Bulletin of the Palm Beach County Genealogical Society, Volumes 1 - 33
View Record  929.3 Harri Ancestry's Concise Genealogical Dictionary Harris, Maurine and Harris, Glen
View Record  975.8 Ander Anderson County, Kansas, Miscellaneous
View Record  976.8 Andre H2a Andrew County, A Community
View Record  978.3 H2l Annals of Buffalo Valley, Pennsylvania, 1775-1885 Linn, John Blair
View Record  977.7 Linco H2s Annals of Lincoln County, North Carolina Sherrill, William L.
View Record  977.6 Otseg H2w Annals of Richfield Ward, Henry A.
View Record  929.051 Appal Bk.1 Appalachian Quarterly: Saints or Horse Thieves? A Familhy History Study and Report Veach Damon, Editor
View Record  979.3 Chela B2a Appleland Bulletin, Volume 6-38
View Record  979.2 Tazew V2s Archives of the Pioneers of Tazewell, County, Virginia Schreiner-Yantis, Netti
View Record  978.3 B2a Area Keys Genealogical Magazine, Volume 1
View Record  974.4 X2 1850 Arkansas 1850 Census Index
View Record  974.4 B2a Arkansas Genealogical Research Aid Volume 1
View Record  974.5 Fresn B2a Ash Tree Echo, Volumes I - VI
View Record  975.8 Ellis H2e At Home in Ellis County Kansas 1867-1992 Volume 2 Eillis County Historical Society
View Record  975.5 Livin E3i Atlas & Plat Book, Livingston County, Illinois
View Record  976.3 Balti D3b Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759 Barnes, Robert W.
View Record  978.3 Phila V2h Baptisms and Burials from the Records of Christ Church, Philadelphia, 1709-1760
View Record  975.4 Boise H2h Basin of Gold: Life in Boise Basin, 1862-1890 Hart, Arthur
View Record  976.1 Orlea H2f Bayou St. John in Colonial Louisiana 1699-1803 Fraeiberg, Edna R.
View Record  976.1 V29l Be It Known and Remembered, Volume V
View Record  978.2 B2b Beaver Briefs, Volumes 1-2
View Record  977.9 Belmo H2b Belmont County History Ohio Extension Homemakers
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Records: 151 to 200 of 1540