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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  929.3 Feder Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference, Great River Bend Genealogy a Heartland Gathering; Syllabus Scott County Iowa Genealogical Society and Blackhawk Genealogical Society of Rock Island and Mercer Counties Illinois
View Record  943 A3s Finding Aids to the Microfilmed Manuscript Collection of the Genealogical Society of Utah: Preliminary Survey of the German Collection Smelser, Ronald M, Dullien, Thomas and Hinrichs, Heribert
View Record  972.5 D2r Finding Your Mexican Ancestry-A Beginner's Guide Repkamp, George R. & Peggy H.
View Record  929.3 First Friday Class Syllabus National Genealogical Society
View Record  929.3 Kempt For All Time: A Complete Guide to Writing Your Family History Kempthorne, Charley
View Record  325 Rosen French Colonists and Exiles in the United States Rosengarten, J.G.
View Record  942 D2b Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage Together with Memoirs of the Privy Councillors and Knights Burke, Bernard
View Record  929.3 Steve Genealogical Evidence-A Guide to the Standard of Proof Relating to Pedigrees, Ancestry, Heirship and Family History Stevenson, Noel C.
View Record  929.3 Wrigh Genealogical Reader, Northeastern United States and Canada Wright, Norman Edgar
View Record  942 D2g Genealogical Research in England and Wales, Volume I & Volume II Gardner, David E., and Smith, Franks
View Record  929.3 Genea Genealogical Research in New England The New England Historic Genealogical Society
View Record  971 D2p Genealogical Research in Nova Scotia Punch, Terrance M.
View Record  978.7 D2r Genealogical Research in Tennessee Reintjes, Afton E.
View Record  978.3 D2w Genealogical Research in the Published Pennsylvania Archives Weikel, Sally A.
View Record  929.3 Ameri V.2 Genealogical Research, Volume 2 Stryker-Rodda, Kenn
View Record  929.3 Ameri V.1 Genealogical Research: Methods and Sources, Volume 1 Rubincam, Milton
View Record  979.3 D2g Genealogical Resources in Washington State
View Record  929.32 Schwe Genealogical Source Handbook Schweitzer, George K.
View Record  016.9 genea Genealogies Cataloged by the Library of Congress Since 1986
View Record  929.3 Genealogist Handbook for New England Research 6th Edition McClure, Rhonda R.
View Record  929.3 Jacob Genealogy as Pastime and Profession, Second Edition Revised Jacobus, Donald Lines
View Record  929.3 Wrigh Genealogy in America-Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Maine Volume 1 Wright, Norman Edgar
View Record  974.7 E2g Geographic Dictionary of Connecticut and Rhode Island Gannett, Henry
View Record  976.4 Gan E2g Geographic Dictionary of Massachusetts. Gannett, Henry
View Record  975.2 D2s Georgia Genealogical Research Schweitzer, George K.
View Record  943 D2s German Genealogical Research Schweitzer, George K.
View Record  943 D2r German Research Companion Riemer, Shirley J.
View Record  978.3 D2h Guide to Genealogica l and Historical Research in Pennsylvania; 1985 and 1990 Supplements Hoenstein, Floyd G.
View Record  970.1 Barr Guide to Sources of Indian Genealogy Barr, Charles Butler
View Record  16.9 Harpe Guide to the Draper Nanuscripts Harper, Josephine L.
View Record  978.1 D2k Guide to the Historical Records of Oklahoma Koplowitz, Bradford, Compiler and Editory
View Record  978.7 H2t Guide to the Microfilmed Manuscript Holdings if tge Tennessee Stte Library and Archives Tennessee State Library & Archives
View Record  978.3 A2e Guide to the Published Archives of Pennsylvania, Covering the 138 Volumes of Colonial Records and Pennsylvania Archives, Series I-IX Eddy, Henry Howard
View Record  941 E7g Guides for Researchers: No 2. Index to Registration Districts
View Record  929.3 Cache Handbook for Genealogical Correspondence, Rived Edition Cache Genealogical Library
View Record  949.4 D2s Handy Guide to Swiss Genealogical Records Suess, Jared H.
View Record  942 D2p Handy Guilde to English Genealogical Records Preece, Phyllis Pastore and Preece, Floren Stocks
View Record  929.6 Frank Heraldry Franklyn, Julian
View Record  929.6 Steph Heraldry for the American Genealogist Stephenson, Jean
View Record  929.6 Pine Heraldry, Ancestry and Titles;Question and Answers Pine, L.G.
View Record  929.6 Darby Heraldry: What's in Your Name? Darby, Henrietta
View Record  941.5 A8h Heritage and Research Centers in Ireland plus miscellaneous genealogical resources in Ireland
View Record  929.3 Schae Hidden Half of the Family, Sourcebook for Women's Genealogy Schaefer, Christina K.
View Record  977.7 D2a Vert File Hints for Locating Genealogical Records in North Carolina
View Record  929 Hays Vert File History and Genealogy: Patterns of Change and...Cooperation Hays, Samuel P.
View Record  929.4 Yonge History of Christian Names Yonge, Charlotte M.
View Record  929.42 Hassa History Through Surnames Hassall, W.O.
View Record  929.3 Barsi Homesteads & Other Federal Land Records Barsi, James C.
View Record  929.3 Beard How to Find Your Family Roots Beard, Timothy Field with Demong, Denise
View Record  929 Howto Vert file How to Read English documents
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Records: 51 to 100 of 220