Riley County Genealogical Society

How to View Documents

When your search returns a document, make note of the page numbers and click on “View Document”.
Most documents are password protected.  The password is:  rcgs6495  Use this password for all documents.
When the document opens, scroll to the page number listed in the results.
If the document is an Obituary Book, the name found may be a relative or person attending the services.
Birth, Marriage & Death Indexes  (Sy Ekart Books)
If a number appears next to the name it is a paragraph number.  Use this number instead of the page numbers in the Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes.   The information found refers to the date and page number the newspaper was published.  The name of the Newspaper will be found on the first page number shown.
EXAMPLE: Reference to Anderson, Zelda 316.  Go to paragraph 316.
Paragraph numbers are listed in the left hand margin of the document.
In the example above page numbers range from 67-204.  The name of the newspaper is found on page 67.
(In this case, "The Manhattan Mercury and Manhattan Daily Nationalist" is one paper, not two.)
Naturalization and Marriage Records, Court Journals and Probate Records
Source information for the record is shown in the description area under the name.  Be sure to copy and paste that information into your notes.