Riley County Genealogical Society
Riley County Genealogical Society
The Best Genealogy Place in Riley County
We have a wealth of information about Riley County, the surrounding counties, and the families who settled here.
We are open:
Tuesday & Thursday 10 AM - 4 PM 
Wednesday & Saturday 1-4 PM
We will be closed for the Holidays on:
December 24, the afternoon of December 27, 
the morning of December 29, and December 31.
Open otherwise as scheduled above.

    A Family History Holiday
     As you gather with your loved ones in the coming weeks, use the opportunity to reminisce about family members, and teach some family history. Peaking the interest of younger family members will help preserve your precious family stories.
Happy Holidays from the Riley County Genealogical Society!
(An RCGS Membership would make a wonderful gift!)

Wednesday, December 7
On Demand Class
Family History Research in Large Cities in the United States;    It Gets Better Offline;       Please RSVP to Marilyn Kirkelie when you receive her email asking you to.
Friday, December 16
Genealogy Roundtable
Please join us for our monthly gathering to discuss our Genealogy and Family History journey and stories. Come to listen, learn and share.