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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  975.8 Morri R2m Marks and Brands, Book A, Morris County, Kansas Morris County Genealogical Society
View Record  976.3 Bru V2b Maryland Records, Colonial, Revolutionary, County, and Church. Volumes I and II Brumbaugh, Gaius Marcus
View Record  976.3 Balti V2m Maryland Rent Rolls, Baltimore and Anne Arundel Counties, 1700-1707, 1705-1724
View Record  976.4 A3c Massachusetts Land Ownership Maps to 1900
View Record  975.9 R2b Master Index, Virginia Surveys and Grants, 1774-1791 Brookes-Smith, Joan E.
View Record  977.7 Meckl R2h Mecklenburg County, North Carolina: Deed Abstracts, 1763-1779 Holcomb, Brent G. and Parker, Elmer O.
View Record  976.8 R2m Missouri Land Claims
View Record  979.2 Montg R4s Montgomery County, Virginia-Circa 1790 , A Comprehensive Study-Including the 1789 Tax Lists, Abstracts of over 800 Land Surveys & Data Concerning Migration Schreiner-Yantis, Netti, Transcriber and Editor
View Record  975.8 Nemah R2n Nemaha County, Kansas Deed Records - Film
View Record  976.3 Frede D2r New Facts and Old Families from the Records of Frederick County, Maryland Rice, Millard Milburn
View Record  977.6 A3n New York Land Ownership Maps to 1900
View Record  976.8 Newto V2v Newton County Missouri Marriage Records through 1869 With Minutes of New Salem Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1837-1869 Vineyard, Mrs. John, Compiler
View Record  978.7 R2c North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee, 1778-1791 Cartwright, Betty Goff Cook, Gardiner, Lillian Johnson
View Record  977.7 R4r North Carolina Taxpayers, 1701-1786 Ratcliff, Clarence E., Compiler
View Record  977.9 R20 Ohio Land Grants
View Record  977.0 R2o Vert File Ohio Land Grants
View Record  977.9 H2o Ohio Lands: A Short History
View Record  978.1 R2c Oklahoma City, From Public Land to Private Property Chapman, Berlin B
View Record  975.9 R2j Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds Jillson, Willard Rouse
View Record  979.5 H2w Origin and Legislative History of County Boundaries in Wisconsin Wisconsin Historical Records Survey, Work Projects Administration
View Record  976.8 Jacks R2v Original Land Entries of Jackson County, Missouri Vineyard, Mrs. John, Abstractor
View Record  975.8 Osbor R2m Original Land Owners of Osborne County, Kansas Minear, Mildred
View Record  977.4 Nel R2p Patents and Deeds and Other Early Records of New Jersey, 1664-1703
View Record  975.5 DeWit R2p Patron Index: Landowners DeWitt County, Illinois Atlas 1875 Patterson, Doris
View Record  975.5 R2b Patterns From the Sod-Land Use and Tenure in the Grand Prairie, 1850-1900 Bogue, Margaret Beattie
View Record  978.7 David W7w Pioneers of Davidson County, Tennessee Whitley, Edythe Rucker, Compipler
View Record  975.8 Potta R2p Pottawatomie County Kansas Deed Records-Film Miscellaneous Records C,D Discharge Index and Record v. 1919
View Record  975.8 Potta R2p Pottawatomie County, Kansas General Deed Indexes-Film 1858-1904
View Record  977.7 R2h Province of North Carolina, 1663-1729 Abstracts of Land Patents Hofmann, Margaret M.
View Record  975.8 Reno R2r Recorded Homestead Records of Reno County, Kansas 1875-1945 Reiter, Lester; Reiter, Kay Compilers
View Record  977.9 Highl R2m Records of the Recorder's Office of Highland County, Ohio, 1805-1850
View Record  977.9 Adams R2r Records of Virginia Military Land Surveys
View Record  977.9 Adams R2v Records of Virginia Military Land Surveys in Early 1821(volume 1 and 2) Adams County Genealogical Society
View Record  978.7 W7w Red River Settlers;...Montgomery, Robertson, and Sumner Co.TN Whitley, Edythe Rucker
View Record  973.3 Bocks Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants Bockstruck, Lloyd DeWitt
View Record  978.4 R2r Rhode Island Land Evidences,Vol I,1648-96 Abstracts
View Record  941.5 R2r Richard Griffith and His Valuation of Ireland with An Inventory of the Books of the General Valuation of Rateable Property in Ireland-1846 & 1852 Reilly, James R
View Record  975.8 Riley R2r Riley County, Kansas Deed and Mortgage Records-Film
View Record  975.8 Riley P2r Riley County, Kansas Record of Inventory and Appraisements-Film
View Record  976.3 R2c Settlers of Maryland 1751-1765; 1766-1783; Coldham, Peter Wilson
View Record  975.5 Galla R2v Shawneetown Land District Records, 1814-1820 Volkel, Lowell M.
View Record  979.4 R2s Sim's Index to Land Grants in West Virginia Tessiatore, Mary F., Editor
View Record  977.7 Johns H2s Some North Carolina Records from Selected Sources, Counties of Johnston, Dobbs, Lenoir, and Craven
View Record  978.5 R2L South Carolina Deed Abstracts, 1719-1772, Volumes I-IV Langley, Clara A., Abstractor
View Record  979.2 Spots P2 Spotsylvania County Records, 1721-1800. Being Transcriptions from the Original Files at the County Court House, of Wills, Deeds, Administrators' and Guardians' Bonds, Marriage Licenses and Lists of Revolutionary Pensioners Crozier, William Armstrong, Editor
View Record  979.2 Spots R2b Spotsylvania County Virginia Deed Book Brewer, Mary Marshll
View Record  979.1 R2v State Papers of Vermont, Volume VII: New York Land Patents, 1688-1786
View Record  977.7 Stoke R2a Stokes County, North Carolina Deeds Volumes 1 and 2, 1787-1797 Absher, Mrs. W.O.
View Record  979.4 R2s Supplement to Sim's Index to Land Grants in West Virginia
View Record  977.7 Surry P2a Surry County, North Carolina Deeds, Books D, E, and F, 1779-1797 Absher, Mrs. W.O.
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Records: 101 to 150 of 181