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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  975.8 Cloud K2d "The Lord Has Led Us" 125 Years of History at the First Presbyterian Church of Concordia, Kansas 1871 to 1996 Detrixhe, Joe
View Record  975.8 Riley K 22 1987 Directory of First United Methodist Church
View Record  975.8 Riley K 22 1997 St. Thomas More Church, Manhattan, Kansas Directory
View Record  975.8 Riley K 22 50 Years of Building 1959-2009 College Avenue UMC
View Record  975.8 Jacks K2 75th Anniversary of the Denison Congregation 1871-1946
View Record  975.8 Marsh Vert file 90th Anniversary Picture: Barrett Methodist Church
View Record  975.8 Riley K2 A Brief History of the Bala Church
View Record  975.8 Riley K2s A Brief History of the First Christian Church, Manhattan Kansas 1867-1967 Stratton, W. T.
View Record  975.8 Geary K2c A Century of Blessing, 1861-1961: St.Paul's Lutheran Church, (Clark's Creek), Junction City ,Kansas
View Record  975.8 K2c A Century of Congregationalism in Kansas, 1854-1954 Correll, Charles M.
View Record  975.8 Montg K2c A Century of Devotion: Memorable Moments of Methodism at First Church, Coffeyville, Kansas
View Record  975.8 Jewel K2v A Century of Faith: Dispatch Christian Reformed Church, 1880-1980 Van de Reit, Dan
View Record  975.8 Dicki K2c A Century of Methodism in Enterprise, 1873 to 1973
View Record  975.6 K2a A Documentary History of the Indiana Decade of the Harmony Society 1814 to 1824, Volumes 1 and 2, Arndt, Karl J.R.
View Record  979.2 A2h A Guide to Bible Records in the Archives Branch, Virginia State Library Hart, Lyndon H.
View Record  943 V26g A Guide to German Parish Registers, Volume One Cerny, Johni, Compiler
View Record  975.8 Marsh K2s A History and Commentary on the Reedsville Village, the Marshall Center Baptist Church, and the Winifred Baptist Church Sanderson, John E.
View Record  975.9 K2s A History of Kentucky Baptists from 1769-1885, Volumes 1 and 2 Spencer, J. H.
View Record  975.8 Morri K2h A History of the Church of Christ Christian in Council Grove The Bicentennial History Committee
View Record  975.8 K2c A History of the Church of the Brethren in Kansas Craik, Elmer LeRoy
View Record  975.8 Jeffe K2h A History of the Coal Creek Church
View Record  978.3 Chest K2v A History of the Coventry Brethern Church in Chester County, Pennsylvania Urner, Isaac N.
View Record  975.8 Riley K2s A Short History of First Presbyterian Church, Manhattan, Kansas Centennial 1867-1967
View Record  975.8 Dicki K2s A Short Story of the Evangelical Lutheran St. Johannis Community on Lyon's Creek, Dickinson County, Kansas
View Record  929.3 Kirkh V.1 A Survey of American Church Records for the period before the Civil War, East of the Mississippi River, Volume 1, Major Denominations Kirkham, E. Kay
View Record  978.3 K2a Abstracts and Identification of Entries Giving European Origins in Church Records of South Central Pennsylvania and Adjacent Area with Surname Index, Book I
View Record  973 V2a Abstracts of Vital Notices in Evangelical Visitor, 1887-1902 Brethern in Christ Church, Compiler
View Record  975.8 Geary H2 Across County Lines: The Dual Congregation of the Early St. Joseph's Catholic Church Geary County, Kansas 1870-1930: Ashland and McDowell Creek Valley Pioneers Rudder, Tyler
View Record  975.8 Riley K2a Alert Evangelical Covenant Church, Rural Route, Leonardville, KS 1874-1974
View Record  975.8 Geary K2g Alida St. John's Church, 1875-1918 Garrison, Don and Leona
View Record  975.8 Geary K2a Alida-Upland Parish - Alida Evangelical United Brethren, Zion Methodist and St John's Evangelical and Reformed
View Record  978.3 Westm V2r Baptism and Confirmation Index: The German Church Records of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, Lutheran and Reformed 1772-1804 Ruff, Paul Miller
View Record  977.6 Ulste K1h Baptismal and Marriage Registers of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster County, New York, 1660 - 1809 Hoes, Roswell Randall
View Record  978.3 Berks K2k Baptismal Records of Jerusalem Lutheran and Reformed Church Berks County, Pennslyvania Kistler, John R.
View Record  976.1 V29l Be It Known and Remembered, Volume V
View Record  975.8 Dicki K2b Belle Springs Brethren in Christ Church, Dickinson County, Kansas
View Record  978.3 K2h Bethlehem Diary, Volume I, 1742-1744 Hamilton, Kenneth G, Translator
View Record  978.7 V29a Bible Records and Marriage Bonds: Tennessee Records Acklen, Jeannette Tillotson, Compiler
View Record  978.3 York V29s Bible Records of York County Heritage Trust, Volumes 1-5
View Record  975.8 K2c Index Biographical Index: Church of the Brethren in Kansas Craik, Elmer Leroy
View Record  978.3 Blair V26 Blair County Pennsylvania Church Records; Fourth Street Presbyterian Church Altoona, Pa 1916-1955
View Record  975.8 Riley K2b Blue Valley United Memorial Methodist Church Directory 1958-2008
View Record  975.8 FortR K2b Boots and Bibles: the Spiritual Heritage of Fort Riley, Kansas VOLAR
View Record  976.4 Suffo V2a Boston Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths, 1630-1699; Boston Births 1700-1800
View Record  975.8 Riley K2g Brief Histories of the Origins of the Churches of Riley Co. Kansas Goodrich, April & Reed, Jim, Editors
View Record  975.8 Jacks K2b Buck's Grove Centennial 1879-1979 Venneberg, Paul
View Record  975.8 Riley K2h Built on a Rock Walsburg Lutheran Church 1873-2023 Hoerman, Loretta M.
View Record  979.3 Clark V2c Catholic Church Records of the.Pacific Northwest, Vancouver Volumes I and II and Stellamaris Mission… Warner, Mikell De Lores Wormell, Translator
View Record  975.5 White K2c Centennial Anniversary of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1854 - 1954
View Record  975.8 Riley K2c Centennial Anniversary, Swede Creek Evangelical United Brethren Church
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Records: 1 to 50 of 247