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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  975.8 Repub J2h "Homeland Schools" Cabins to Complexes Republic County Retired Teachers Association
View Record  975.8 J2w 100 Years in Kansas Education, Volume 1 Wright, C.O.
View Record  975.8 Riley J2t 150 Years of Education, Manhattan, KS Tippin, Douglas
View Record  975.8 J2ksd 1973-74 1973-74 Campus Telephone Directory, Kansas State Teachers College
View Record  975.8 J2ks 1976 and 1977 K-State Class Reunions, Golden K.
View Record  975.8 J2e 1981 Emporia State University Alumni Directory College & University Press
View Record  975.8 Salin J21c A Collection of Early School Records from Saline County, Kansas, beginning 1889. Smoky Valley Genealogical Society
View Record  975.8 Potta H2i A History of the School Known as Elbow or Number One, Blue Township, Pottawatomie County, 1862-1953 Irvine, Mary Grady
View Record  975.8 J2k Bluemont Central College, the Forerunner of Kansas State College Willard, J.T.
View Record  975.8 Riley B5 1928 Canyon Wonders 1928 1928 Class of Randolph Rural High School; Randolph, Kansas
View Record  976.8 Adair J2k Catalogue of the First District State Normal School, Kirksville, Missouri, 1900-190 Kirksville State Normal School
View Record  975.8 Riley J2m Certificate of Promotion Manhattan Junior High 1929
View Record  979.2 H2s Colonial Virginia: Its People and Customs Stanard, Mary Newton
View Record  975.8 Washi J2c Crane Complete School Register for Bales School of Washington County, Kansas, 1936-1940 Raines, Delores
View Record  975.8 Jacks B5d Denison Bears, 1963-1966 Denison Rural High School
View Record  975.8 Riley B5m Directory of Class of 1939, 25th Reunion, Manhattan High School, Manhattan, Kansas Manhattan High School
View Record  975.8 J2ksd Directory of Students, Faculty, Staff of the Kansas State Agricultural College, 1920-1942; 1947-1957; Kansas State University, Manhattan
View Record  975.8 Riley J21d District Treasurer's Book for District #42, Riley County and State of Kansas Adams, Oliver
View Record  975.5 Stark H2l Document and Biography Pertaining to The Settlement and Progress of Stark County, Illinois, Containing An Authentic Summary of Records, Documents, Historical Works, and Newspapers Leeson, M.A.
View Record  975.8 Potta H2d Dry Creek School, Pottawatomie County, Kansas, Southwest of Olsburg Thompson, Edith, Compiler
View Record  975.8 Thoma J2c Flight of the Eagles A History of Colby High School Athletics Adrian, Gary, Compiler
View Record  977.3 J2d General Catalogue of Dartmouth College and the Associated Schools 1769-1925
View Record  975.8 Potta J2g Graduates of Wamego High School, Wamego, KS 1892-1991 Wamego Historical Society
View Record  977.9 Morro H2f Historical Collections of Old School District No. 8, Gilead Township, Morrow County, Ohio Foye, John D.
View Record  975.8 J2ksw History of Kansas State Agricultural College Walters, J.D.
View Record  975.6 Newto H2h History of Newton County, Indiana 1985
View Record  975.8 J2ksw History of the Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science Willard, Julius Terrass
View Record  975.8 Riley J2i Index and Vital Statistics of Primary School Students Riley County, Kansas, 1909-1911 Phillips, Dick, Compiler
View Record  975.6 J2w Indiana University; Its History from 1820, when Founded to 1890 Wylie, Theophilus A.
View Record  975.8 Kan J2ksc Kansas State Agricultural College Catalogue 1893 Kansas State Agriculture College
View Record  0975.8 J2ks Kansas State University Campus Student Directories; 19591962; 1966-1967;1971-1973; 1975-1978; 1984-1985; 19881989
View Record  975.8 J2ksh Kansas State University, A Pictorial History: The First Century 1863-1963 Howes, Charles C., Compiler and Editor
View Record  975.8 E2 Lamps on the Prairie A History of Nursing in Kansas WPA Writers' Program
View Record  975 Potta J2 List of Graduates of the High School Located in Westmoreland 1904-1987 (Pottawatomie High School) Westmoreland High School Alumni
View Record  975.8 Morri E4m Morris County School Directory 1949-50 Morris County School
View Record  976.8 Clint V2t Mrs. Em E. Turney's Book, Plattsburg, MO Turney, Em E.
View Record  975.8 Marsh J2m Mustang, Valley Heights School Annual Index 1970-1971
View Record  975.8 Nemah J2n Nemaha County, Kansas Scholastic Census Records - Film
View Record  975.8 Nemah J2n Nemaha County, Kansas School Records - Film
View Record  975.8 Osbor H2o Osborne County Common School Alumni Annual - 1902
View Record  975.8 Osbor E4o Osborne High School, Osborne, Kansas, Alumni Roster by Classes 1886-1981 Osborne High School
View Record  975.8 Riley A7 Papoose '67 Manhattan Junior High School
View Record  975.8 Riley A7 Papoose '70 Manhattan Junior High School
View Record  975.8 Riley A7 Papoose '76 Manhattan Junior High School
View Record  975.8 Potta J2b Pottawatomie Baptist Manual Labor Training School Barr, Thomas P.
View Record  975.8 Potta J2p Pottawatomie County Kansas Scholastic Census Records, 1897-1914-Film
View Record  975.8 Jewel H2d Prairie Jewels History of Schools, Churches, Post Offices, and Cemeteries of Jewell County, Kansas Second Edition Dillon,Erma and Shute, Jeri
View Record  923 MacLa Princetonians, 1748-1768 A Biographical Dictionary McLachlan, James
View Record  975.8 Geary J2p Project Heritage: the History of Early Schools in Geary County Prior to Unification Junction City Area Retired Teachers Association
View Record  975.8 Riley B2s Promotion Exercises-Manhattan Junior High School 1933 Morgenson, Velda, Director
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Records: 1 to 50 of 95