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View Record  978.3 York R4p "Poor" Children Named on the Tax Lists, 1811-1844 York County, Pennsylvania, Including Index Aughenbaugh, Gloria L., Compiler
View Record  976.3 Balti R4b 1783 Tax List of Baltimore County, Maryland
View Record  976.3 Car R2c 1783 Tax List of Maryland, Cecil, Talbot, Harford, Calvert Counties Carothers, Bettie, Compiler
View Record  979.2 Cabel R4s 1815 Tax List of Cabell County, Virginia Schreiner-Yantis, Nette
View Record  976.3 Talbo R41s 1817 Talbot County Tax Assessment of Districts 1,2,3 and 4 Schmidt, Cynthia V.
View Record  975.8 Potta R4e 1861 Pottawatomie County Tax Records
View Record  975.8 Leave R41w 1862 Tax Roll, Leavenworth City, Kansas Wasmer, Ralph, Compiler
View Record  975.8 Donip R4o 1863 Tax Assessors Records of Doniphan County, Kansas Ostertag, John
View Record  975.8 Mitch R4e 1884 Tax Roll Mitchell County., Kansas North Central Kansas Genealogical Society
View Record  975.8 Leave R41g 1892 List of County Officers & Tax Payers of Leavenworth County and City, Also Platte County, Missouri Garden, Debra F., Compiler
View Record  975.8 Leave R41g 1902 1902 Personal Property Tax List, Extracted from "Western Life". Graden, Debra F, Compiler
View Record  975.2 Wilke X2 A 1790 Census for Wilkes County Georgia, Prepared From Tax Returns with Abstracts of the 1790 Tax Returns Hudson, Frank Parker, Compiler
View Record  979.2 X2 1810 A Supplement to the 1810 Census of Virginia: Tax Lists of the Counties for which the Census is Missing Schreiner-Yantis, Netti
View Record  978.3 York R4a An Alphabetical Listing of the Assessed Inhabitant of York County, Pennsylvania for the Year 1762, Book I & II
View Record  979.2 Tazew V2s Archives of the Pioneers of Tazewell, County, Virginia Schreiner-Yantis, Netti
View Record  978.3 Blair R4b Blair County Tax Records 1846
View Record  978.7 Bradl R4s Brandley County, Tennessee, Tax List 1837, 1838, 1839 Snell, William R.
View Record  978.3 Bucks R4m Bucks County Tax Records, 1693-1778 McNealy, Terry A., Compiler
View Record  978.7 Carte D2d Carter County, Tennessee 1836 Tennessee Civil Districts and Tax Lists Douthat, James L.
View Record  975.8 Riley R4f City Assessor's Book, Manhattan, Kansas, 1859 Frey, Stella, Compiler
View Record  978.3 York R2b Digges' Choice, 1724-1800; A History of Land Transactions with a portion of York and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania Bankert, J.A.
View Record  975.8 Donip R4o Doniphan County, Kansas Residents of 1890 Ostertag, John A.
View Record  978.3 York R4m Dover Borough and Township Tax Lists, 1832-1836 and 1830 Census for York County, Pennsylvania Morrill, Justin E., Compiler
View Record  978.7 R4c Early East Tennessee Tax Lists Curtis, Mary Barnett
View Record  978.7 R4e Early East Tennessee Taxpayers
View Record  975.9 Linco R4s Early Kentucky Householders, 1787-1811 Sutherland James F.
View Record  975.9 R4f Early Kentucky Tax Records From the Register of the Kentucky Historical Society Ford, Carol lee, Indexer
View Record  977.9 R41p Early Ohio Tax Records Powell, Esther Weygandt, Compiler
View Record  929.3 Freil 2014 Genealogy and the Law Haviland Freilich, Kay and Freilich William B.
View Record  976.8 Gentr P2g Gentry County 1845-1859 Minute Book-A-M
View Record  976.4 Frank H2t History of Greenfield:Shire Town of Franklin County Massachusetts, Volumes I and II, 1682-1900 Thompson, Francis M.
View Record  975.5 Henry R4h History of Henry County Illinois Its Tax-Payers and Voters; Containing, Also a Biographical Directory: A Condensed History of the State; Map of the County; A Business Directoy; An Abstract of Every-Day Laws; War Records of Henry County; Officers of Societies, Etc
View Record  978.3 York U3m Index of Tavern Licenses Allowed by York County, Pennsylvania: 1749-1806 McGrew, John R., Compiler
View Record  977.9 R4i Index to Ohio Tax Lists, 1800-1810 Jackson, Ronald Vern, Teeples, Gary Ronald, Schaefermeyer, David, Editors
View Record  975.8 Dicki R4i Index to Personal Property Tax Rolls, 1873, 1880-1885 Heritage Center
View Record  978.3 York R4m Index to the Taxables of Hanover and Heidelberg Township, York County, Pennsylvania 1750-1817 McGrew, John R.
View Record  978.3 Lanca R4g Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Tax Lists 1751, 1756, 1757, 1758 with Addition Tax Lists and Index Gerberich, Albert H. and Brumbaugh, Gaius M, Compiler
View Record  978.3 Westm R4m Listing of Inhabitants in 1783-Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania McQuillis, Shirley G.
View Record  976.8 McDon V2w Marriage Records McDonald County, Missouri Book "A" 1865-1878 and The 1861 Tax List Woodruff, Howard W., Mrs., Compiler
View Record  976.3 V2c. Maryland Source Records, Volume 2 Carothers, Bettie
View Record  976.8 R4s Missouri Taxpayers, 1819-1836 Stanley, Lois, Compiler
View Record  979.2 Montg R4s Montgomery County, Virginia-Circa 1790 , A Comprehensive Study-Including the 1789 Tax Lists, Abstracts of over 800 Land Surveys & Data Concerning Migration Schreiner-Yantis, Netti, Transcriber and Editor
View Record  977.7 R4r North Carolina Taxpayers, 1701-1786 Ratcliff, Clarence E., Compiler
View Record  978.3 York R2y Notes and Documents Concerning the Manorial History of the Town of York, York County, Pennsylvania Young, Henry James, Compiler
View Record  977.9 V2o Ohio Source Records From The Ohio Genealogical Quarterly
View Record  978.3 X2 1780 Pennsylvania in 1780 A Statewide Index of Circa 1780 Pennsylvania Taxlists Stemmons, John D.
View Record  979.2 Louis R4f Personal Property Tax Records for Louisa County, Virginia 1810 (Two Books) and Some of Orange County, Virginia, 1810 Foraker, Sara D., Compiler
View Record  975.9 Pike V2p Pike County, Kentucky, 1822-1976, Historical papers Number Two
View Record  978.7 David W7w Pioneers of Davidson County, Tennessee Whitley, Edythe Rucker, Compipler
View Record  979.2 Henri R4v Rent Roll of Virginia, 1704 - 1705
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Records: 1 to 50 of 68