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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  975.8 Lyon W2 "Welsh to Kansas Bibliography" and "Bal Bibliography"
View Record  970.1 Pruch A Bibliographical Guide to the History of Indian -White Relations in the United States Prucha, Francis Paul
View Record  943.8 A3o A Bibliography for Genealogical Research involving Polish Ancestry Obal,Thaddeus J.
View Record  976.3 A2g A Guide to the Maryland Hall of Records: Local, Judicial, and Administrative Records on Microfom, Volume I Papenfuse, Edward C., Collins, Susan A., Allan, Christopher N.
View Record  979.2 D3d Adventures of Purse and Person Virginia 1607-1624/5, Third Edition Meyer, Virginia M., and Dorman, John Frederick, Editors
View Record  975.8 Lane H2l An Historical Record of Lane County 1886-1961
View Record  970.1 Unite Cartographic Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Kelsay, Laura A., Compiler
View Record  979.5 A2 w Check List of Archives and Manuscripts in the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Area Research Center Wisconsin University Parkside
View Record  971 V26 Checklist of Parish Records
View Record  975.8 D2 Exodus to Kansas ( Collection of articles in binder found in Afro-American Box in Main Room)
View Record  977.4 A3n Genealogical Research: A Guide to Source Materials in the Archives and History Bureau of the New Jersey State Library
View Record  976.6 A3m Genealogical Resources of the Minnesota Historical Society, a Guide Minnesota Historical Society
View Record  977.6 NewYo A3b Guide to Genealogical and Biographical Sources for New York City (Manhattan) 1783 - 1898 Bailey, Rosalie Fellows
View Record  977.6 Putna H2p History of Putnam County, New York Pelletreau, William S.
View Record  975.9 Sch D2s Kentucky Genealogical Research Schweitzer, George K.
View Record  978.5 A3c Local and Family History in South Carolina, a Bibliography Cote, Richard N.
View Record  947.1 A3g Major Genealogical Record Sources in Finland
View Record  944 A3g Major Genealogical Record Sources in France, Series G, No.1
View Record  943 A3g Major Genealogical Record Sources in Germany The Genealogical Society of the Church of the Latter-Day Saints
View Record  948.1 A3g Major Genealogical Record Sources in Norway
View Record  943 B2g Major Genealogical Records Sources in Germany
View Record  976.4 A3c Massachusetts County Land Ownership Maps to 1900
View Record  976.8 A2m Missouri Archives Bulletin, a Guide to County Records on Microfilm
View Record  976.8 Hod D2h Missouri Pioneers: County and Genealogical Records, Volumes I-Volume XXX Hodges, Nadine, Compiler
View Record  976.9 A3r Montana's Genealogical and Local History Records Richards, Dennis Lee
View Record  977.9 D2 Ohio Guide to Genealogical Sources Bill, Carol Willsey
View Record  975.8 Osage A3w Osage County Bibliography Major, Minor, Miscellaneous Materials Including Brief Biographical Sketches Williams, Irene
View Record  975.2 A3h Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia, Volumes 1-8, A Biographical Account of Some of the Early Settlers of that Portion of Wiregrass Georgia Embraced in the Original Counties of Irwin, Appling, Wayne, Camden and Glynn Huxford, Folks, Compiler
View Record  970.1 Unite Preliminary Inventory of the Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Volume I and II Hill, Edward, E., Compiler
View Record  975.8 Riley A3q Riley County History Annotated Bibliography Quiring, Virginia Compiler
View Record  943 D2w Searching German Ancestors Wilkerson, Mary Ellen
View Record  978.6 D3s South Dakota, Its History and Its People -Biographical Vols. IV & V Smith, George Martin
View Record  978.7 A3a Tennessee Book: A Preliminary Guide Allen, R.R., Compiler
View Record  971 D2j The Canadian Genealogical Handbook Jonasson, Eric
View Record  979.2 A3c Virginia Land Ownership Maps to 1900
Records: 1 to 35 of 35