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Fancy Creek - Randolph Cemetery
(Riley )
19159-19247 Tuttle Creek Blvd
Randolph, Kansas 66554
Historical Note: Randolph was settled in the mid 1850's by the Swedish who were soon followed by the Swiss and Germans. Jacob Secrest, born 31 October 1794 and died 21 November 1863, appears to be the first burial.
Many graves from the Old Randolph, Randolph and Fancy Creek Cemeteries were relocated here at the time of the Tuttle Creek Dam construction. (See listings for these cemeteries at the end of this book). One grave had the metal plate missing, one was a new grave with no marker, 13 were marked “Unknown,” 14 “Unknown infant,” 34 “Unknown adult.” One was the infant child of Henry A & Amelia (no surname but it was near John U Fryhofer), another the infant twins of Herbert and Verona 2 Nov 1937 (between Gustafson stones), and another simply ‘Annie’ (next to Holmstrom)
Directions: From Randolph, take Highway 77, north about 6 miles. This cemetery is on the left (west) side of Highway 77, between Rose Hill Road and Prairie Rock Road.
GPS Coordinates: N 39 30.904 W 096 45.319
Fancy Creek-Randolph Gate