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Sunset Cemetery
235-287 Sunset Ave
Manhattan, Kansas 66502
Grave Locator:  A specific grave may be located using the Manhattan, KS Cemeteries - Grave Locator.   Click on the magnifier  in the uppers right hand corner and type the name of the person.
Historical Note: Sunset cemetery in Manhattan, Kansas was established in 1860.  The first recorded burial, marked by a small, plain, white marble stone, was that of the 20-year-old wife of a local doctor—Julia Lovejoy Whitehorn—who died in November 1860 from typhoid fever.  According to Prof. Correll, in his 1936 history of Sunset Cemetery, her stone was never inscribed because the local stonecutter was too often “intoxicated” and the doctor moved away soon after her interment
Cemetery Gate