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Sunrise Cemetery
2725 Stagg Hill Rd
Manhattan, Kansas 66502
Grave Locator:  A specific grave may be located using the Manhattan, KS Cemeteries - Grave Locator.   Click on the magnifier  in the uppers right hand corner and type the name of the person.
Historical Note: Sunrise Cemetery was established when the need for a second city owned cemetery became evident in the late 1950’s. At that time the city’s original Sunset Cemetery had few remaining lots left for purchase.  The first two burial dates are 14 April 1964 and 01 June 1966.  Currently Sunrise is the primary cemetery in use as no further lots are available in Sunset Cemetery
Directions:  Drive along Ft Riley Blvd and exit Stagg Hill Rd.  Follow Stagg Hill Rd to Sunrise Cemetery.  Turn Left.
Cemetery Gate