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Shenck Cemetery
Originally Two Miles North of Vinton Church
Historical Note: Shenck Cemetery was a memorial to John Shenck who was born 9 February 1830 in Elizabeth Township, Lancaster County, PA. He was buried in the Shenck Cemetery 12 August 1876, age 46 years, 6 months, 3 days.
This cemetery was originally in Riley County, Kansas – two miles north of the Vinton Church (see Vinton-# 36 on the Riley County Map). Due to the Fort Riley Reservation expansion, its gravesites were moved to:
1.    the northern part of the Milford Cemetery in Geary County,
2.    the McFarland Cemetery in Wabaunsee County,

3.    the Wamego Cemetery in Pottawatomie County and,

4.    the Vinton Cemetery which is still located next to Fort Riley Reservation.
This cemetery was not read in 2000; Evelyn Brown, Alice Duncan, Betty Hagen, and Marjorie Sand previously read it on 22 May 1986. The information presented here is from their reading and previous readings. For further reference, the Riley County Genealogical Society’s book, CEMETERIES OF RILEY COUNTY KANSAS, excluding Manhattan City, Edition 2, 1986 may be helpful.
MILFORD CEMETERY. SW 1/4 NW 1/4 S17 T10S R5E. Charley, son of J. C. & J. Kennett, 4 Dec 1859-18 Feb 1862. Includes the Original Milford, Rose Hill, Branscom, Montague and Shenck cemeteries.