Riley County Genealogical Society

Welcome to Riley County Genealogy

Created in 1963 by volunteers dedicated to establishing a research facility in Riley County for future generations. 
  • We hold meetings and classes to assist researchers start or finish their family trees. 
  • We maintain a resource library with regular hours and will accept openings by appointment. 
  • We host online databases allowing you to research from home. 
  • We have genealogy researchers to help you for a small fee. 
  • We are an all-volunteer society who really cares. 
  • We have a wealth of information about Riley County and it’s surrounding counties and the families who settled here.

January 27
Round Table
Each third Friday of the month, an open group meets at Bluestem Bistro for one and a half hours of stimulating discussion ranging from historical backgrounds of our ancestors to methodology and software recommendations. If it has a relation to family history and genealogy (however, vague) we are open to sharing ...
February 3
Effective Use of RCGS Website
On February 3, we will be giving a class on how to effectively use our RCGS website to help our visitors find all that we offer in our Library. We will also have training on our Library cataloging system. This will help all volunteers reshelf our books. It is ...
February 19
DNA testing results – What now?
DNA testing results – What now? DNA testing has become a popular tool for genealogists looking for additional information to tell you more about your family history. With a simple home-based saliva collection kit your DNA test can help you uncover your ethnic origins. There are several testing companies (FTDNA, ...
March 19
Getting Started with Your German Family History
Do you have German family history but don't know where to begin with it? Come learn about things you need to know in both American and German records to begin tracing your German roots. Kelsee Walker has a bachelor’s degree in family history and geneal­ogy from Brigham Young University. She has ...